Winners Choice Vacation Travel: Top Choice for Charitable Giving at Your Consignment Auction

Winners Choice Vacation Travel: Top Choice for Charitable Giving at Your Consignment Auction

Getaway2Give prides itself on its mission of being the best in the country at helping charities and schools raise money. How do we do it? By offering consignment auction travel experiences that are extremely popular at charity fundraising events. Our trips are meaningful not just because they are purchased as part of a contribution to a worthwhile cause. We feature top-tier, premium residences in luxury destinations, and each trip includes an on-site personal concierge to customize travel plans to fit individual preferences.

Bidders Win and You Win With Winners Choice

Individual preferences are exactly what we cater to when we offer our Winners Choice travel packages. At your charity auction, you can promote Getaway2Give consignment auction getaways with confidence because of these exceptional advantages…

  • Contributors get their choice of several travel destinations.
  • Contributors don’t have to decide during bidding where or when they want to travel.
  • Contributors know they are buying a luxury, experience that is personalized for each guest (and they can add nights later).
  • Contributors enjoy complete flexibility in their travel plans.
  • Contributors are assured of a meaningful vacation that reinforces their commitment to your charity fundraising event.

Our Consignment Auction Travel Experiences…Flexibility at its Finest

Further, when you auction Getaway2Give’s Winners Choice consignment auction trips, your fundraising efforts may be rewarded with charitable giving from multiple bidders – all of them can bid and every one of them can win a trip! We have an assortment of 7 different packages to choose from, with a wide selection of available destinations — in sought-after beachside residences and city-life penthouses, at the foot of ski slopes and in adventurous international locations. All are available year-round (with a few restrictions, of course), so there is really no limit to how much money you can potentially raise at your next auction.

Buy a Consignment Auction Travel Experience Now, Decide Later

Trip winners can confidentially log into our website and can take their time exploring our available consignment auction destinations, our elegant four- and five-star residences, and available travel dates. They can read testimonials from previous trip winners at their leisure. And they can invite a special loved one, friends, family members or an entire group as their traveling companions. Getaway2Give gives trip winners 18 months from the date of purchase to use a Winner’s Choice trip.

Our Winners Choice consignment auction packages give your major contributors a true choice when it’s time to give. And it’s an easy choice for fundraisers where the stakes are so important for your cause. Hear more from Adam Capes, President and Chief Idea Officer on why our luxury vacation travel packages can help you maximize charitable giving at your next charity fundraising event.