The Power of Personal Branding for Charity Executives

Getaway2Give wants to support the amazing efforts of Non-profit Executive and Development Directors and their Volunteer partners. We hope you’ll enjoy this contribution from personal brand expert, Diane Diaz about how building a clear, credible, and consistent personal brand can create value for your non-profit organization. 

Diane Diaz, Personal Brand Strategist & Coach

The Brand Teacher


There’s been a lot written about the importance of personal branding for job seekers and those looking to grow their careers. But, as a charity executive, have you ever thought about the impact of your own personal brand and how it can help you attract the types of donors your charity is looking for while also helping you maintain a mission-based focus for your charity?

I define a personal brand as how your audience sees you and feels about you. It’s how you are perceived in the eyes of the people you are trying to reach with your message and the message of your organization. If your personal brand is not perceived by your audience in a way that aligns with your goals or the goals of your charity, it can make it harder to reach those goals by causing confusion for your donors. It’s a disconnect between who and what you say you are and how your audience actually sees you. Conversely, by creating alignment between who and what you say you are and how you are actually perceived, your personal brand will build trust with your donors. And, because you are a leader of your charity organization, that trust will spill over to your organization’s brand.

As a charity executive with a goal to generate awareness for your organization, build relationships with high-level donors, and secure commitments from them while maintaining a mission-based focus for your charity, building trust is extremely important. When you’re asking someone to support a charitable organization and donate possibly large sums of money, you want to build a deeper, more personal connection based on your personal brand.

My simple Personal Brand Building Framework can get you on the road to building a personal brand that attracts the right audience and builds value for your charity organization. It starts with defining your goals and then follows my three Cs of personal branding – clarity, credibility, and consistency.



Any good strategy must start with goals so you’ll know if the work you’re doing is effective. Start by defining the goals you have for how you want to be seen by your audience, what sorts of exposure you need to have, whom you want to attract, and other goals you may have. I recommend using the SMART goals format, which is goals that are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely.



Once you have your goals defined, you’re ready to create clarity for your personal brand, which means defining your brand in a way that influences your audience to see you as thought leader in the particular space in which your charity operates. Your audience decides what your brand is and stands for. But, you can influence them to see you a certain way. That means sharing certain content related to your particular area of expertise, belonging to specific organizations, and speaking on certain topics at events in person, on podcasts, on television, and more. These actions will help your audience associate your personal brand with the particular area of knowledge you and your charity want to be known for and you’ll be seen as a clear thought leader in that space.



You can build your credibility by having an opinion and point of view on your area of expertise. There are probably other charities that offer similar services to those your charity offers. But only YOU have your unique point of view and opinion about the cause that your charity represents. By letting your unique take come through, you’ll stand out by standing FOR something. It’s like putting a stake in the ground. Be aware, though, that this may repel some people. But that’s okay! You’ll actually repel those who are not fully aligned with your personal brand or your charity and attract more of the right fit donors and supporters, which is a good thing!



A consistent personal brand builds trust with your audience. When your brand has a consistent look, feel, tone of voice, content, messaging, and more, in person and online, across all platforms, your audience will begin to trust in who you are, what you say, and what you stand for. This repetition in how your audience sees you will draw in your ideal connections, donors, and supporters because they will trust that you can deliver on your brand promise because you walk the walk and talk the talk. People do business with and support people and organizations that they trust.

Your clear, credible, and consistent personal brand could be the difference between a charity organization that struggles to have a voice and one that stands out and gets noticed. How can you apply the three Cs of personal branding to attract your ideal donors and maintain a mission-based focus for your charity?

Diane Diaz is Founder & CEO of The Brand Teacher. As a personal brand strategist, LinkedIn strategist, and Certified Speaking Coach with Speaking Your Brand, she uses her extensive experience and knowledge in branding and marketing to teach professionals and entrepreneurs how to define and build personal brands that attract their dream jobs or clients so they can build careers or businesses they love. She also leads workshops with companies and organizations on personal brand strategy, Archetypes in personal branding, and LinkedIn strategy for building personal and business brands that stand out and get noticed.

Diane speaks to companies and organizations throughout Central Florida and has been interviewed on numerous podcasts on the topics of personal branding, confidence building, and LinkedIn strategy. She also teaches branding and marketing classes at Full Sail University and holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from University of West Florida and an MBA from University of Central Florida.