Charity Fundraising Tools

At Getaway2Give, we believe our people are your first resource for success. Our Charity Fundraising Directors are dedicated fundraising professionals who will work with you to select Getaway2Give destinations and experiences your donors will love. They are with you every step of the way with our turnkey services: providing marketing resources to promote pre-event, connecting you to event assets like auctioneers who will drive donations through the roof at your event.

Product Reference Guide

Getway2Give offers so many products, we created this handy product reference guide, a fundraising tool designed to:

  • Provide a resource of all of our destinations and experiences in a manageable list form.
  • See the reserve prices of our products so you can: Select the right types of destinations and experiences that your donor base (and their donation practices) will enjoy and spend money on, set your minimum bidding prices, solicit approval, when needed, from your committees and boards.
  • Present options easily to your volunteer chairpersons, committees, and board.

This guide  is updated frequently, so please check often for updates and make sure, by the date in the upper left-hand corner, that you have the most recent guide. Your charity fundraising director can help you maximize use of this tool.

Sample Marketing Material

It’s a great source of pride that our charity partners have referred to our marketing materials as “agency-quality.” These sample materials show you the tools you can access to promote these trips before, during and as part of your event wrap-up. With advanced planning, we can customize these with your logo, mission statement and sometimes a few custom photos. You can incorporate these customized items into your programs, digital promotions, and on-site displays.

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