Live Auctioneer | Introducing Dean McCurry!

Dean McCurry is the owner and founder of Dean McCurry Auction Services

Dean McCurry is a Texas Licensed Auctioneer who has been successfully working with Getaway2Give for several years.

Dean’s 1st career was Director of Sales for Western Digital and by chance fell into the Auctioneer business. This second career begin when he served as a  substitute Bingo Caller for his kids’ Catholic School. The school asked him back—this time as their gala auctioneer and the rest is history as he has been in the benefit auctioneer field for many years. He exclusively works with charities as his passion is for non-profits and the inspirational work they do!

Best advice from a live auctioneer

Dean’s advice for charities on what to look for in an auctioneer? There are two main criteria. First of all, they need to look for a licensed auctioneer who specializes in benefits, non-profit fundraising, and charities who understands the organization and their goals. Second, they need an auctioneer who can make the gala guests feel excited about the live auction as well spend $$ for items that want.

“You’ve got to have someone on stage in front of anywhere from 200 to 1000 patrons, who can get them to enjoy the thrill of a live auction as well, contribute to the organizations profitability.”

Why Getaway2Give?

Not all companies offering auction packages for fundraising are created equal. Some reasons Dean cites for working with Getaway2Give include the uniqueness and diversity of G2G’s package options, the amount of information we provide him, and the level of customer service we provide, especially the professionalism from the Guest Experience Managers, or GEM’s who are committed to the winning patrons for a fun and memorable trip!

“What I love about working with Getaway2Give is that they are truly compassionate about charity fundraising. They do what they do out of a desire to help charities raise the financial bar in their events….and that’s exactly why I’m in this business, too.”

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