Let your event Spring to Life!

There’s a spring in our step around Getaway2Give. Our nationwide team–from Florida to Washington State, our Canadian representatives and of course, our international team members who manage our destinations are all beginning to enjoy spring–whether it’s just peeking out for a day or two, or in full bloom. So we felt inspired to seek out great tips on 2019 floral trends to help your events Spring to Life! Check these out.

International Floral Distributors published its 2019 design trends, and some of the winners are:

Uniquely shaped foliage: Imagine gigantic leaves like palms or those of the common Swiss Cheese  house plant. Add in the possibility of one alien-like Cooper’s Haworthia. Consider the fiery appearance of the Mother and Daughter Croton. These unusually-shaped foliage plants will certainly make a statement!

Unusual floral textures: Craspedia Billy Balls, anthuriums, mini calla lilies, the orange pincushion. With spiny, waxy, and prickly blooms, these are surprising additions to spring floral arrangements–a time when most people think of florals that are soft and sweet as bunnies. But the IFD assures us, this is a 2019 trend worth your attention for stand-out arrangements.

Blush is the new neutral: Blush blooms are replacing whites, creams, and silvers in 2019, so look to blush pink peonies, peruvian Iilies, calycina heather, hydrangeas, cherry blossoms and more as the foundation of your arrangements. That said, on the other end of the spectrum, the IFD predicts a trend in…

Bold Florals: Vivid, saturated “hear me roar” colors are also predicted to dominate 2019, with a particular emphasis on the unusual color mixing of red and orange in the same arrangements! gerber daisies, red dahlias, fresh-cut Anemones and tomato red ranunculus all fit the bold florals bill (and also check the “unusual floral textures” box!)


There is an entire industry dedicated to “Scent Marketing”. The folks at AirScent International tout geranium for it’s warm, rich, uplifting and soothing aroma that is also known to alleviate anxiety and nervousness; and calm, relaxed donors are what we want, no?

The Scent Marketing Association says that “tailored” florals encourage people to browse longer and spend more in retail environments. So think lily-of-the-valley for positivity and optimism. Clover, green grass and aloe will please a wide range of guests without being too “perfumey.”

Will they stay longer and spend more at your event? We think it’s worth a try!


No matter what you choose, these evergreen tips from our friends at BizBash will help keep your floral game top-notch. They remind us that seasonality, your geography, and the event-day weather will make a difference in having the freshest blooms possible. Of course, you have to consider budget and Sandra de Ovando offers a great tip: “For big impact in a space and minimal impact on your budget, think about using flowering branches such as magnolia, cherry blossom, and quince,” Ovando says.

And don’t forget that at the end of your mission-based event, you might choose to be a good steward to other causes and donate still-gorgeous flowers to nursing homes, women’s shelters, hospitals and houses of worship, bringing the beauty of giving full-circle.


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