Inspire every charity donor to say yes!

Fundraising in the new digital age to attract charity donors

The digital age has changed the way people buy products. The same goes for non-profits. Digital marketing has changed the way a charity donor engages with a cause-related organization. So we’re going to share with you some advice that has worked well for Getaway2Give that we think will help you inspire more donors to say yes.

It’s a strategy called “See, Think, Do, Care,” that is the brainchild of Avinash Kaushik, entrepreneur, best-selling author and “Digital Marketing Evangelist” for Google. The See, Think, Do, Care strategy starts from identifying your broadest audience of potential customers and travels with your digital marketing plans all the way through to a donor writing a $50,000+ check and beyond to ensure their donor experience with you is good — and worth repeating.

You can find Kaushik’s summary article on the entire strategy here, but today– we’re just going to talk about the content portion of the See, Think, Do, Care strategy.

Why does a charity donor give to your cause?

Central to the See, Think, Do, Care strategy is the supposition that the better people think of you in relation to the competition, the higher the likelihood they buy from you when they are ready to buy. Seems obvious, no?

But in a non-profit world, that concept of being highly thought of takes on much greater importance. After all, when people buy a good or service, they will factor in the features of that good or service — every feature from quality to price. They may love the brand identity of the Geico Gecko or Progressive’s Flo with her “name your price tool”, but when they actually go to buy, they will probably make a checklist of features they need to help determine their choice.

With non-profits, buyers are much more likely to base their donation decision on the “feeling” they get from the charity over a list of features. So “See, Think, Do, Care” content is even more crucial to your content.

“See, Think, Do, Care” respects the charity donor

Essentially, the See, Think, Do, Care model means you respect the heck out of your donor! It means that you’re not the charity constantly haranguing them for dollars, but rather you’re the charity that cares about them as a charity donor throughout their donor journey. And See, Think, Do, Care content is where you prove that — providing digital communications that fall in the four categories.

  • See content: “See” content is the content developed for the broadest possible donor and is the content of giving. See content says “I think you might like what we stand for and represent, and to show you that we think the world of you, here’s a gift from us that is all about what we stand for and represent.” That may seem a bit esoteric, but essentially, “See” content is a free gift. Let’s say you’re a heart health organization — then you might do a digital series of free heart healthy recipes created by a local chef or one of your volunteers. If you’re a children’s charity, you might send potential supporters a printable game they can play with their children that reflects your cause, some coloring book pages or a series of craft ideas that represent your organization’s brand. While you’d probably still include a “donate” button for them, you’d make it a very small portion of that digital real estate.


  • Think content: “Think” content says “you’ve engaged with our see content, thanks. Now let me tell you a bit more about how our charity is doing amazing things.” Think content might tell the story of how those recipes you sent out worked for “Jane Doe” who lost 20 lbs and lowered her BP eating them. It might be a calculator that helps people determine their risk factors for cancer with a printable report they can take to their physician. It might be a survey that asks them why they support various types of causes and what makes them choose a particular cause. It gets them to “think” about supporting you.


  • Do content: “Do” content asks for the order. And yet it still respects the donor. You show them the power of your cause — this is where personal stories of individuals you’ve helped, case studies for research success and heart-meets-head financial appeals work. Do content also includes invitations to Galas, pre-sales for auctions, and other event appeals.


  • Care content: “Care” content is, quite simply, the thank-you. And make sure the thank-you gently leads your charity donor back to wanting more see, think, do content from you. See, think, do, care works like an infinity loop.

In this new age of content marketing, your donor is more sophisticated and discerning when choosing which charity to support. Use See, Think, Do, Care to honor that level of engagement and donors will choose YOUR charity more often!