Hurricane Irma Didn’t Defeat St. Maarten and St. Martin Tourism – Up and Running Again!

Hurricane Irma Didn't Defeat St. Maarten and St. Martin Tourism

Hurricane Irma Didn’t Defeat St. Maarten; Tourism is in Full Swing!

If you’re wondering how Hurricane Irma affected St. Maarten / St. Martin, your worries are over. The vibrancy and resilience of the Dutch and French folks who jointly settled the island in 1648 are in full swing. Having weathered storms like this before, the Caribbean people have been the backbone of a remarkable recovery and continue to make it one of the most desirable places to enjoy an island vacation.

A visit to the island’s 37 square miles, including the beautiful Porto Cupecoy where Getaway2Give has a 3-bedroom penthouse, reveals a bustle of activity. The condominium’s nearby restaurants, cafes, shops, casinos, bars and supermarkets of Porto Cupecoy Village are busily serving residents and tourists with the same warm, welcoming hospitality as before the storm.

Although the island took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017 from Hurricane Irma, and many resorts and neighborhoods are still in the midst of rebuilding, most Caribbean destinations were unaffected by the storms. And the pristine tropical sweep of Porto Cupecoy was actually spared of Irma’s wrath.

Current visitors tell us that beach-combing along the crystalline shores is alive and well, the aquamarine Caribbean sea is more dazzling then ever, and charter boat services, snorkel trips and a host of other adventure vendors are actively offering tourists memories that will last a lifetime.

Porto Cupecoy is a protected cove overlooking Simpson Bay Lagoon, located on the Dutch side of St. Maarten near its border with St. Martin, the French side of the island.  The Mediterranean influences are unmistakable and it has even been compared to the French Riviera. The luxury waterfront condominium residence is within a two-minute walk to the beach, and affronts international boutiques, renowned restaurants and impressive yachts in the adjacent harbor.

Besides venturing out into warm, turquoise waters, evening activities provide a plethora of diverse pleasures. The Dutch side provides an array of beach bars and casinos, while the French side is quieter and has some of the finest cuisine in all of the Caribbean.

Or, you could just luxuriate in the condo complex, enjoying the heated outdoor pool, working out in the fitness center or playing a round of tennis.

Whatever your vacation style, in whatever ways you want to relax and have fun, St. Maarten is ready for you.

Three Things Not to Miss While On St. Maarten

  • Coconut Reef Adventure. Jet off on a powerboat, snorkel with colorful tropical fish, see tortoises and iguanas on stunning Pinel Island.
  • Marigot Shopping District. Purchase European-style jewelry, apparel, leather goods and accessories duty-free with a focus on high-end designer fashions.
  • Ocean Lounge Restaurant & Bar. For eclectic Caribbean and European flavors, this chic open-air dining spot in Philipsburg can’t be beat. Live music punctuates a delightful meal.

St. Maarten and the St. Martin surrounding area actually offer endless opportunities for sightseeing, nature tours, shore excursions, museum visits and more. It all comes together for one of the most memorable vacations you will ever experience. It’s warm, it’s welcoming and the weather is perfect just about any time of year. Make 2018 the year you savor St. Maarten. Learn more now.