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Adam Capes Getaway2Give

Our very own President and Co-Founder, Adam Capes, was recently featured on The Michelle Esswein Show to discuss the story of Getaway2Give creation, how exactly G2G helps nonprofits all over the country raise significant money for their cause and what three things he knows to be true for a successful charity auction event.

“We’re combining two things that everyone in our company is really passionate about, travel & vacation experiences.”

“Big donors and board members are people that charities bring to their event- these people are going on high-end vacations already and none of that money is going back to the charity. We give them a way to get a portion of the annual vacation budget and direct it towards their charity.”

“We would never want a charity spending a penny if they are not making money. There is no risk and no cost to the charity if the reserve is not met.”

Hear Getaway2Give’s story on iHeartRadio

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