$7.5K Donation to a $38K Charity Win with Great Fundraising Ideas

$7.5K Donation to a $38K Charity Win with Great Fundraising Ideas

Ask any nonprofit what their single biggest challenge is and the answer is always the same, fundraising ideas.  And the same fundraising concerns loom year in and year out. How do we attract large scale donors? How do we maintain donor interest? How do we keep those donors feeling good about their contribution? How do we earn and increase contributions—even during sluggish donation periods? Through a little bit of planning, and a little help from Getaway2Give and G2G Collection, Boys and Girls Clubs of Collin County (BGCCC) was able to successfully address the concern for their fundraising ideas .

As a longtime supporter of BGCC—as well as the former president of the organization’s board of directors—David Cherry is all too familiar with the concerns developing fundraising ideas. Naturally, when David first heard about G2G, it made perfect sense to become a member.

“G2G’s program is a clear-cut win-win situation,” David says. “I paid a total of $15,000 in which $7,500 of that was for a one-time G2G membership initiation fee while the other $7,500 was a charitable donation in the form of three vacation getaways that I got to donate to a cause that is very close to my heart.”

When David introduced G2G’s concept to BGCCC President Michael Simpson, Michael also saw the advantages right away. “It’s a great opportunity for board members and others in our donor base,” says Mike. “I imagined that people who enjoy travel would be very interested in this type of thing knowing that it would give them a chance to go to nice places and give to a nonprofit they support.” Since BGCCC hosts its annual Chrysalis Ball each October, David’s donation came just in time to be used as items in the event’s live auction.

BGCCC combined a getaway to one of the most pristine beach destinations in the US, WaterSound Beach (located along the scenic stretch of Florida’s 30A beach communities) with a diamond pendant donated by a local jeweler; they promoted the combo as a romance package. The Texas-based nonprofit also offered a ski retreat to majestic Beaver Creek in Colorado.

With the help of beautiful imagery and vacation details on each package provided by Getaway2Give, BGCCC was able to promote these offerings on their website and in event programs to entice a crowd of just under 1,000 attendees to bid for these prizes.

As Mike explains, “One getaway sold for $10,000 while the other sold for $8,000. We normally have to find trips, buy trips or put together packages to generate such large amounts during the live auction. These G2G trips were two high quality items which more than tripled the amount David paid for the stays.”

BGCCC used the third trip as a raffle item in conjunction with their March charity poker tournament.

“With the exception of the tournament, January through May is usually a slow time for us from a fundraising perspective. Since we always include a raffle item with the tournament, we used the third trip to Punta Mita, Mexico. We normally sell between 100 and 150 tickets at $100 each,” says Mike.

This year, BGCCC set a sales goal of 200 tickets for the raffle. Each raffle ticket featured beautiful G2G imagery of the Mexican getaway as well as package details. Many of the tickets were sold prior to the event while the balance was sold on location at the tournament. Using his knowledge of the allure and splendor of the Punta Mita peninsula, Mike personally sold more than 100 tickets. BGCCC easily met their sales goal and generated $20,000, bringing their total G2G trip donation revenue to $38,000.

While Mike clearly understands the immediate benefit a direct cash donation can provide to a nonprofit, he couldn’t deny the fundraising ideas and boost the G2G trip donation gave to BGCCC.

“With enough time and understanding of how to utilize the trips in auctions and raffles, any nonprofit can do just as we did. We were able to raise five times the amount of that original $7,500 G2G trip donation,” says Mike. “We were given the opportunity to provide three unique quality items that someone just can’t go and get somewhere else. These properties had a much a higher value in terms of what people might pay during a live auction.”

If you are interested in multiplying a charitable donation to your favorite cause, or are a charity looking for a unique and highly successful fundraising tool, contact us today at Getaway2Give!