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But Did You Know All Our Trips Are “Free”??

Getaway2Give loves when you register for our free trip giveaways. We want you to win those THIS ONE! — and enjoy the benefits of having these trips to auction, use as a gift for your volunteers or maybe your hard-working staff as a team trip!

But did you know, even if you don’t win one of our contests, that 99% of our trips* are essentially “free” to secure?

They are!  When you agree to auction off one of our destination trips, there is no up-front cost to your organization. You only pay Getaway2Give if your trip auction raises enough money to meet a set reserve price. If, for any reason, your organization doesn’t meet the reserve, you owe nothing. Zip. Nada.

It’s called consignment travel and though we’re not the only ones to do it, we do it with integrity and the needs of our charities at the forefront. We also support your efforts with marketing materials and your Charity Fundraising Director’s experience and ideas to help your trip sell for top dollar!

How Consignment Works

The way consignment travel works is that you offer a trip — let’s say to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico — and you put it up for auction at a fundraising event. The cost of the trip is $3,750 that’s the reserve, so you can expect it to sell for around $6,000, which is the average price this trip earns at auction (it’s gone for over $9k at spirited events)! But, if the reserve isn’t met, then your organization isn’t obligated to purchase anything.

What typically works best is advising your bidders that there’s a reserve on the trip (this is a common auction practice), and the auctioneer will usually start the bidding at the reserve price. This way, you’re not sitting on pins and needles wondering if the bidding will even reach the reserve.

And here’s a bonus! With consignment travel, you can “call an audible” if things are going well. Let’s say you’ve reached a bid of $5,000 on a $2,750 reserve trip like our Land or Sea trip offerings. And let’s say there are four people still bidding. Rather than trying to drive the single trip as high as you can, make a quick announcement that you’re offering to close out bidding if the four bidders will all commit to the current high-bid. Remember, the winners of the trip have up to 18 months to make the trip, so they can easily find a time that will work for them.

 In fact, this is how the typical consignment auction works:

  • Choose a trip, destination, and/or experience
  • Auction, sell, or raffle the trip multiple times
  • Receive double, and sometimes triple, the reserve price

What do our partners say about our no-risk consignment travel?

On our website, we have several testimonials from satisfied fundraisers and event coordinators. Here are a few who had something to say.

The IT Factor

“I’m thrilled to have been introduced to the G2G Collection — it is refreshing to have the ability to be creative with live auction offerings, with different luxury destinations to choose from in beach, mountain and city hotspots; we can control our product and select destinations that will perform well.” –Natasha Borota

The Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund

“G2G has been there for almost every event that the First Down Fund has held in the past few years. The key isn’t what, but why. They really do care and that shows. You’ll raise money and your donors that win the trips will be treated like royalty by G2G. I’ve been on a number of these trips myself and they are first rate. Everyone wins.” – Larry Fitzgerald

National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana, Inc.

“G2G unique experiences gave us an opportunity to offer our guests experiences like no other we could offer before, in addition to helping us raise more money for our Foundation’s programs and services. When the gavel came down, we auctioned five G2G trips in one evening, netting an additional $6,000 over last year’s revenues.” – Torie Kranze, CEO

Tesori Family Foundation

“When the auction began, the bidding heated up pretty fast. Before we knew it, bids quickly reached $5,000 and were continuing to climb. Though our initial plan was to sell only one package, we ended up selling three for a total of $27,000. With minimal effort on our part, we were able to net $19,500 – helping us surpass our event goal.” – Michelle Tesori

If you’d like to learn more about using no-risk consignment travel in your own nonprofit or charity’s fundraising efforts, please visit our website for more information.

And don’t forget — you may win a free trip by registering here!

*Occasionally, our limited availability, special event trips that have a specific calendar date, like our Royal Retreat, Italy experience requires a deposit to hold the space until your organization’s auction. That way, we don’t oversell these limited opportunities.