Fundraising Leaders: Your Confidence Keeps Donors Coming Back To Charity Events

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We know your cause is incredibly important to your donors. We also know it’s YOU who keeps them engaged in that cause with your knowledge and your ability to ask every donor to part with their hard-earned money at your charity events. 

So we’ve prepared these style tips to keep your confidence level high while navigating a room of high-profile donors, board members and an executive director who is looking to you to ensure every part of the event runs like clockwork.

Tip #1 Bling up your black

The little black dress (LBD). It’s a classic in your bag of style tips because it works. A savvy fundraiser knows having
multiple little black dresses in your wardrobe of good-quality materials means a dress you put on in the morning can take you through cocktail hour, networking and charity events — sometimes even a gala —  without a wrinkle. Click on images to find your favorite look.


Tip #2 Bring the bling with you

Toss some fabulous sparkling accessories in your go-bag to dress up that shift or swing dress. Don’t just think sparkly necklaces and earrings. Belts, clutches, hair accessories and even sparkling legwear can liven up a classic dress. But don’t go overboard. As legendary style-maven Coco Chanel said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

And if you’re still feeling like your basic day outfit is too demure for a gala, Coco also said “It is always better to be under-dressed.” As the fundraising leader, you’re the hostess of your charity events. So, a less-is-more approach will solidify your credibility when taking those five and six-figure checks off your donor’s hands! Click on images to find your favorite look.

Tip #3 They don’t call it “jewel-toned” for nothing 

Want a break from all things sparkly? Then use jewel-toned accessories to give your basic everyday outfit a fresh look. Sapphire velvet pumps and a matching velvet choker with simple pearl earrings can really give your look a Victorian-like touch of elegance. Red is always a scene stealer. Make sure your lips and feet wear it too! Click on images below to find your favorite look.

Tip #4 Your hidden sparkle: shells, tees, tights and lotions

If you’re bored with the LBD, then separates can be your friend. Put on a pencil skirt and a champagne-colored lamé shell. During the day, toss on a blazer and scarf to tone down the bling. When it’s time to head to your event, ditch the scarf and blazer. Sweep up your hair and add a pair of leopard-skin pumps and matching belt with a drop-style earring. Add to the sparkle a pair of shining champagne tights or sparkly lotion on your legs, arms and décolletage. Click on images to find your favorite look.


Tip #5 Look expensive, without breaking the bank

We know a once-poor young marketing exec who had to put on a designer fashion show at Parsons in New York (yes, that Project Runway Parsons). She didn’t have designer clothes, so she improvised. She ran around all day in skinny jeans and her boyfriend’s french cuff white shirt rolled up to the elbows with pearls and a pair of leopard-skin loafers. When it came time for the show, she rolled down the sleeves and secured them with the blingiest cuff links she could find, swapped the jeans for a pencil skirt, and lassoed the shirt’s plunge with her grandmother’s antique brooch. A pair of stilettos in black patent, her updo cinched with a black velvet ribbon and guess what? Her Parsons’ liaison made her do “the twirl” right before the show and said “Ahhhhmazing…you have such style, darling.”

If YOU don’t have a designer wardrobe, tap into your personal style and become your own designer. You’ve seen the classic white t-shirt with a long black skirt. Why not turn that idea upside down? Take a long white pencil skirt and pair it with your black french-cut tee and a fabulously long string of faux pearls. If your gala has a theme, paint a custom t-shirt to highlight that theme and pair it with tuxedo pants or a pencil skirt.


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