Charitable Giving: Teach and Motivate Your Children to Give

Charitable Giving: Teach and Motivate Your Children to Give

Charitable giving is something that should be celebrated in our actions all year long. Teaching your children to give is a wonderful opportunity to give to our communities and build a foundation for your children to learn and grow. Here at Getaway2Give we value the lessons that can be learned from charitable giving.

  1. Support them and be active with them. Build charitable giving around family activities and present it in a way that is fun, relevant and engaging. This will help get them excited about participating and set them on the right path.
  2. Let them choose the cause they want to support.  People are much more passionate and supportive with things that are important to them – charitable giving that actually mean something and can make an impact on themselves personally. The same goes for children. Getting them involved early on will help them feel more invested.
  3. Incorporate charitable giving with activities that your children already look forward to. This could be their birthdays, play dates or even on vacation.
  4. Give them the opportunity to see the impact they are making. Many times children, and even most adults, will just go through the actions of giving without really understanding why they are doing it. Show photos, take them to events, read letters – whatever the end result is – give them the opportunity to see what they’ve done. It also helps them feel appreciated, which is also great motivation.

About Getaway2Give

We focus every day on helping charities raise money – because we love it! All 47 of our staff are passionate about two things: meaningful experiences and giving back. One of the most effective strategies for fundraising is providing unmatched, memorable vacations to each of our charity trip winners. So, we do that. Each trip winner has a personal Vacation Experience Manager who helps plan the details. Then, one of our Destination Managers greets guests on site and makes certain everything goes as planned throughout the entire experience. 

The Giving Team is happy to serve you.  We asked our team members a few questions in hopes that it would provide you an opportunity for you to get to know us better.  Questions like…What is real magic?  What is your most useless talent?  And what is your favorite destination?