5 Ways To Capture Your Vacation Experiences

Preserving vacation memories is just as important as creating them. Keeping them at the forefront of your mind is simple with these five ways to capture a meaningful vacation experience.

Re-live the Excitement on a GoPro

On vacation, it can often feel like you are stepping out of the moment to capture it. You pause on an epic black diamond to grab a picture of the mountains or pull the kids from the ocean to take a family photo. GoPro removes that barrier by taking the journey with you.

Unlike your cell phone, GoPros provide a wider focus to capture high-action adventure. By securely mounting to a helmet or the chest the camera remains safe even through the roughest terrain so whether you’re watching the sunset or wave surfing in Maui, you capture amazing video of your experience. After vacation is over, those videos can be cut and uploaded to share with friends and family on YouTube or social media. Taking a GoPro on vacation is a fantastic way to capture your vacation highlights and share them with others.

Map Your Travels

Wall art generally falls into one of two categories: big, expensive, mass produced pieces and small family photos. If you’re looking for something that’s large and unique without resorting to a life-size family portrait, a map of the world is a great centerpiece. Start with a large world map and add pins to the places you and your family have visited. Tie some twine to the pins and arrange photos of each location on the periphery of the map. Not only does a large world map make a great conversation starter but it also can be continually updated and serve as an everyday reminder of the fun and adventure you’ve had worldwide. Places like Etsy have plenty of options to choose from.

Stream Your Adventures

More than ever, pictures are becoming a primary way to communicate with friends and family. While on vacation people rely even more heavily on pictures to capture unique sites and once in a lifetime moments. Enter Instagram.

Instagram is a fantastic way to keep loved ones up-to-date through photographs while you’re exploring. Create a new stream for each vacation to easily differentiate each location. Family members can access those streams either online or via their phones. Once you’re back from your trip, the photos that you backed up to Instagram can be used to create keepsakes like postcards, calendars, and mugs.

Arrange a Digital Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a great way to dress up your vacation photos but the act of scrap booking can be time-consuming. For the fun look of a scrapbook without the work, create and print a digital scrapbook of your vacation. Sites like Shutterfly, Keepsy, and Mixbook offer vacationers a way to arrange and decorate their vacation photos without spending hours with a hot glue gun. Simply upload your family photos and choose a template or drag and drop graphics to accessorize your photos. Digital scrapbooks can be shared online or printed.

Create a Travel Blog

If you love to travel, you know about “travel fugue.” You leave a destination with great memories and ample recommendations for your friends and family but within a month of being home, all that information just fades away.

A travel blog is a great way to fight travel fugue. Create a simple and free blog using WordPress or Blogger and start recording your adventures. Plan fifteen minutes at the beginning or end of your travel day to upload photos, tell stories about the day, and record the important details that made your trip unique.

With the advances in technology, there are better ways to capture vacation memories than in a dusty photo album. Through videos, dynamic photos, storytelling, and interactive wall art, you can preserve those cherished memories in a fun and shareable way. For your next vacation, try one of these five ways to capture vacation memories.