5 Tips for Planning Your Aspen Getaway

It’s no surprise that visitors flock to Aspen. With five star accommodations, once-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences, endless shopping, and picturesque landscapes, it is easy to get excited over this fun and exciting locale, but don’t forget to take care of the essentials! When planning your Aspen getaway, you can save money and ensure a trip of a lifetime by taking care of these five things way before leaving home.

Book Your Flight

The Aspen/Pitkin Airport (ASE) is just three miles from downtown Aspen and is serviced by United, American Airlines, and Delta. This is by far the most convenient airport for getting on the slopes but due to its size, offers limited daily flights. To get a flight into this airport, it’s absolutely essential to plan ahead.

The next closest airport to the runs of Aspen is Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE), located 70 miles away from Aspen and serviced by Air Canada, American, Continental, Delta and United Express with non-stop markets from some of the biggest cities in the United States. While the drive is longer at 45 minutes, shuttles offer a quick trip from the gate to the slopes. Eagle County Regional Airport offers non-stop flights and great fares, if you plan ahead.

Leave the Wheels Behind

Regardless of whether you fly into Eagle or Aspen, booking a shuttle service is recommended. While many vacationers choose to rent a car, shuttles are ultimately a best choice for a variety of reasons. First, renting a shuttle means you won’t have to worry about the wintery weather and slick roads that Colorado is known for during ski season. Many visitors, particularly those from sunny locations, find the driving conditions difficult.

Shuttle services also take out the ordeal of parking at your resort. If you choose to stay at a condo, parking is often included but staying at a hotel can require far away parking after a harrowing drive. The Roaring Forks Transit Authority offers transportation between resorts and within Aspen for free. With ample public transportation, taking a car is more trouble than its worth in Aspen.

Look Beyond the Hotel

While Aspen hotels are renowned for their luxurious accommodations and five-star service, there are equally impressive and luxurious condos and homes available for rent on the slopes and in town. Visitors can enjoy a homemade breakfast in their own kitchen rather than wasting valuable ski time waiting for service at a local restaurant. Don’t overlook condo rentals during your planning. Not only do they offer significant savings, but also a more relaxing accommodation option.

Did We Mention – Plan Ahead?

It doesn’t take a whole lot of forethought to get the most savings out of a trip to Aspen. One essential tip to remember is to plan ahead for the best deals on lift tickets and equipment rental. Purchase lift tickets at least one week in advance and save 25%.

A quick trip to Aspen can be burdensome with bulky and unwieldy equipment. The high-end rental equipment available at Aspen can also make bringing your own unnecessary. Cut down on packing and travel by opting to rent equipment on-site. Bundling lift tickets with equipment rental further minimizes costs.

Reserve Now


While the slopes in the winter and mountain fun in the summer are the main reason people flock to Aspen, the food is another huge part of what makes Aspen a great place to travel. From high-end culinary delights to cozy mountain lodges with local fare, there’s a restaurant for every palate and the last thing you want to do is miss your chance to find it by not making reservations. Before boarding the plane to Aspen, be sure to flag those “must-eat” restaurants and arrange reservations beforehand. Particularly in the winter months, restaurants are booked well in advance. If you want to have a meal on a mountaintop during sunset or see and be seen in Aspen’s swankiest establishment, you should make a reservation now.